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Major Announcement


We are pleased to announce the merging of CoinXL with an elite company within the burgeoning cryptocurrency space, Ormeus Global. The merger is currently underway and should be completed by next Wednesday or Thursday.


By aligning ourselves with Ormeus Global, the members of CoinXL will immediately gain up to 10x the number of benefits versus the existing platform we have in place now. In my opinion, Ormeus Global has one of the most robust ecosystems within the cryptocurrency industry as it will enable our members to earn substantially more revenue while keeping their entire organizations in place. During the merger, the entire CoinXL member organization will seamlessly move over to Ormeus Global as a single entity, keeping the binary tree intact.


Please note that every member’s account is currently being audited to ensure a successful transfer of their asset balance in Bitcoin over to Ormeus Global so that no member will lose any value during the merger. Therefore, we will not be paying out the TAM bonus or Binary bonuses this coming Sunday. But members will be eligible for weekly payments once the merger is complete.


Whatever CoinXl plan a member initially purchased or upgraded to whether it be 0.05 up to 4.0 Bitcoin, will automatically receive an equal value package or higher with Ormeus Global at no additional charge. Our members will enjoy significant benefits almost immediately from the package they are eligible to receive.


It would have taken CoinXL a minimum of two years to develop the infrastructure that Ormeus Global has in place NOW! It’s the best possible long-term move we could make for the members of CoinXL. We care about your financial future and this is why aligning ourselves with a proven industry leader makes sense.


We will disable the ability to enroll new members or upgrade any existing plan starting Saturday, November 4 and there will be a message posted on our website and enrollment page informing members and guests of the merger with Ormeus Global. Members will be able to retain their current username when the migration process is completed, and then you will be able to resume enrolling new members through your replicated Ormeus Global website.


More details will be forthcoming and online conferences with the Ormeus Global executive team, but we wanted to provide our members with a glimpse into some of the many benefits Ormeus Global has to offer our CoinXL members.


  • A compensation plan with 8 unique ways of earning an income including a fast-start bonus which pays up to 20% on every new package purchased by personally enrolled members.
  • Ormeus Coin, already registered on many exchanges under the symbol of ORME, will enable members the ability to acquire our company’s coin, which is backed up by Bitcoin and altcoin mining profits. Ormeus Coin has the potential to significantly increase over time which can be a huge addition to one’s cryptocurrency portfolio.
  • Self-liquidating starting packages: Imagine receiving weekly mining deposits of 2.5% until 100% of a member’s starting package cost has been completely recouped through an ingenious short-term mining platform.
  • InnerQuest Learning Ecosystem: Self-paced, self-guided interactive online learning system which enables members to explore the exciting world of Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency markets, not to mention in-depth training on how every component of the Ormeus Global compensation model functions.
  • The 2xB89 offers the ultimate in automated trading. Just set it and forget it! It’s a trading ‘bot’ that employs sophisticated trading software. Set up your account and let 2xB89 do the work for you. Earn up to 160% return in a completely hands-off environment.

This is just some of the many benefits that members of CoinXL will now receive, not to mention weekly webinars, training, and more.

In closing, I would just like to say that our intent with CoinXL was to bring you the best that the cryptocurrency industry had to offer. We absolutely did our best to provide a platform for our members which would allow for the acquisition and accumulation of Bitcoin, but we only scratched the surface of what we envisioned when we launched back in July. The market has become very competitive and when we closely examined Ormeus Global, we just knew it was the right path to take in order to have long-term success in this space.

Asa company, Ormeus Global has invested millions of dollars in mining facilities and trading platforms in addition to having one of the best executive management and IT development teams in place. We just knew it was in the best interest of our company to align ourselves with an equally incredible company with much more to offer our members.

We look forward to the alliance with Ormeus Global. I assure you that the same passion we have in serving our members in CoinXL will not be diminished in the least when we begin spreading the news about Ormeus Global.  I can’t wait for the next chapter to begin. Stay tuned– a lot more information will be forthcoming.


CoinXL Management